Thursday, March 27, 2008


Now and again there are things that I feel deserve to be posted, though they don't deserve a whole post of their own. In consideration of the fact that my earlier excitement has now developed into a gurgling pit of nausea, I find myself wide awake. That said, now is as good a time as any to post a few of those nonsensical topics:

** It seems that I might live forever, seeing as how I'm all about expressing my anger.

** I'm a Lum-Bat-Flam-Monkey at heart. What are you?

** Apparently, sometimes you really can't get enough McDonald's.

** I bet James would have gotten enough apologetic airline miles for that Hawaii trip had he been on this flight.

** It came to my attention that I blog-stalk a little too much. That fact became clear when my 5-year-old passed by and commented on the cute new spring background on a blog I frequent.

** During an unplanned trip to the Fort Worth Zoo on Monday, Gracie shared with me that she's been practicing her evil laugh (Muh-ha-ha-ha-ha), and I have to admit, she's getting quite good. Perhaps she has a future as an evil villain after all.

** For the first time ever, I left Bub alone at football practice. I've watched one too many bad coach episodes of Law and Order to leave him anywhere by himself, but today I had a couple of errands to run and thought I'd try to be a little more like other normal parents. After a big speech about boundaries and personal safety, I dropped him off, ran my errands, and returned about an hour and a half later. When I pulled in, he came to the car with knees caked in dirt, hair standing on end, and dried nose blood smeared across his face. I swear he looked like the loser in a bar fight, but according to him, today's practice was the best ever!

** Last week, I ordered some fun new business products (ahem), and when they arrived, I discovered this little packet of "Baby Dust" had been included in the shipment. The label reads, "This baby dust is SPECIAL and is being sent to you hoping it will help your fondest dreams come true." Gosh, I sure wish I would have known about the healing powers of confetti and glitter before investing in a fertility specialist, a reproductive endocrinologist, a high-risk obstetrician, a perinatologist, and in the permanent alteration of my uterus. Silly me.

For Randi, because you understand. (Courtesy of

That's all I've got, so...
"See Ya Next Time, Kemo Sabe"


  • Happy Mommy

    I am a Rino-Pol-gib-og-torto-scorpion. That was fun. I am sure you will have a wonderful experience today with Karen. I am praying for you. I liked your Nonsense post!

  • We are THAT family

    I love that. I'm going to try it. Feel better soon.

  • The Dukes Family

    So funny! Loved reading all those random things. The door falling off the plane was a little unnerving ... I used to fly in and out of Grand Junction for my job. Glad to see the airline industry is taking such good care of their planes ... first Southwest, then American, now this.

  • Emily

    Alright I had not seen that you tube clip, I guess I was not an avid Madigirl Muses reader at that point. I laughed out loud and had no choice but to add it to my blog for others to enjoy. Maybe you could slip me some of that "magic dust" next time I see you.

  • Giles Family

    I finally found your blog, through Allison's! I love getting your comments on my posts but didn't know how to find you or respond! You are REALLY good at this. I'm going to have to snag some tips. The kiddos are so grown up and so beautiful. Pass our love and hellos to everyone! So glad to "see" you and James again :)

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