Monday, March 24, 2008

Limiting the Love

Be forewarned: this is the most boring post you'll ever read. In fact, I highly suggest you skip it altogether. You're welcome to continue reading if you want to, but I really wouldn't. I mean it... Alright, you asked for it:

I've recently decided to follow doctor's orders and more closely monitor (and limit) the intake of sugar and carbs.

See? Boring.

I had a follow-up with my endocrinologist a couple of weeks ago (1) for my regular ol' quarterly blood work, and (2) for an explanation of how my body attracted a spare 30 pounds over the course of about five months. It seems that my thyroid, which recently developed a couple of presumably non-malignant nodules, decided to take a break from proper functioning, hence the rapid weight gain. The fact that I'm having a passionate love affair with Ralph Lemonheads probably doesn't help, but whatever.

Thyroid issues run in my family, plaguing my sister, niece, and two female cousins. I've tested positive for thyroid antibodies since childhood, so this is not a total surprise. I started taking a synthetic hormone in the hopes of kick-starting that little booger and reducing the nodules, and now I'll have to take this little pill every day for the rest of my life. Yay.

While waiting to see the doctor, I was tormented by the posters and pamphlets reminding me that I shouldn't love candy as I do. I decided then and there it was time to embrace right living once again (though it's taken me a week-and-a-half to put my conviction into practice). The problem is, candy (and Lemonheads in particular) are my food for thought. When I study, when I write, when I read my Bible, or when I engage in other manners of deep thinking, I pause periodically for a candy break. The upsurge of carbs encourages creativity, at least in my own mind. If I'm being honest, though, the candy-eating is nothing more than a bad habit, as opposed to a true instrument of imagination.

For about four days now, I've been really obeying the medical instructions regarding carb limits, going from freestyle eating to strict limitations. I even picked up a recommended book that should help me make more informed decisions. After reading through the book and more closely reviewing product labels, I've come to the dismal conclusion that there's very little in the world that I can actually eat. Many lower carb foods (like meat) don't appeal to me, and foods that do (like bagels and chocolate) are strictly limited or off limits completely.

Perhaps because of the thyroid medication, I've noticed some rapid changes in the scale over these last few days. In spite of that positive change that should encourage me to embrace this change for the long-term, I'm having what I think must be sugar withdrawls. All day long, I've been fighting off a headache and nothing seems to bring any relief. I'm hoping the pain passes soon (within the next few days), or I may have to medicate with a big bag of Skittles.


  • The Dukes Family

    Oh yuck. It's so hard to give up the things we love. Hope you can kick the habit without too much pain!! :)

  • taralynn819

    No chocolate?!?!? Oh dear sister, I will pray for you!

  • Someone Being Me

    I'm so sorry. I have zero willpower. I am eating my Tres Leches cake from dinner last night for breakfast this morning. Hopefully you can find a substitute that will help curb your cravings. Maybe chewing gum would help?

  • We are THAT family

    That's tough. Maybe that's my problem. Shannon over at Rocks in my Dryer just found out that was her problem. Speaking of problem, I've got to get out of my kid's easter candy!

  • Elizabeth

    Girl, girl, girl. I feel your pain. Uh huh, yep, nodding my head. Wish I could offer more than that. :-)

  • Emily

    I totally get where you are coming from. Now that I'm away from the "Quack" I think I need to be more on top of my thyroid. You have more willpower than I do.

  • Diana

    Thyroid problems can be agonizing and difficult to get under control - my husband has had one for years - you may be thrilled with your doctor and that is great. I will say he loves his - Dr. Sachson (near Presby Dallas I think) and I have heard great things about Dr. Shea. Good luck to you with managing your cravings.

  • Ceci

    Cutting back carbs or sugars (or whatever you choose to call them) is tough for most of us. I lost over 70 pounds almost two years ago, and the first two weeks were very limited on carbs. But, once you get through the withdrawal, your body will not crave them. Really! I'll pray for you to find something else that you can enjoy in their place until the withdrawal symptoms pass!

    Remember, we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength!

  • Emily

    good luck! I totally need to get on top of al the sugar that is in my diet at the moment before it overtakes me. I hope that your headache goes away soon!

  • ~Robin

    My 2 cents-which isnt usually worth one cent, but anyway...I say medicate with the Skittles over pharmaceutical meds any day unless absolutely necessary...the side effects of the skittles are WAY less than the alternative:)
    Youre a blessing-hug your kids & share a Skittle!

  • Happy Mommy

    I can't stop eating the Easter candy long enough to get on the scale... Shannon at Rock in my Dryer just found out she has the same problem.

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