Monday, March 10, 2008

In Celebration of Sleep with Bonus Frugal Randomness

How in the world is it possible that I missed this? I'm officially planning for next year, and I'm thinking of baking a cake. In other news, cutting spending is becoming a national trend. People are still spending money on their dogs and vacations, but everything else is taking a hit, and people are taking note.


  • The Dukes Family

    Who ever thought frugality would become trendy? You're a trendsetter.

  • Julie

    I actually consider sleeping (or napping) one of my hobbies! Nice to know there is a celebration for it!
    You provide such good info

  • taralynn819

    I'm doing alright. My dad keeps getting weaker, but we are trying to encourage him to keep trying. He wants to stay in bed. I'm sure when your body shuts down like that it would make anyone want to give up. I don't think he has given up living, though, but it's just hard for him work to even eat and walk and all that.

    One of the doctors called me last week and said she doesn't normally call family without the patient's concent, but she had heard that we were coming in May, but she told me we might want to think about coming sooner. She can't say for sure how long he has; she is only going by the trends she has encountered. Her guess is that he has weeks to months, unless God works a miracle here.

    So I may just fly out at the end of this month and stay for a couple weeks. He needs someone to encourage him. My mom kind of barks at him and tells him what he needs to do. She's doing the best she can, but let's just say there are issues with her (it would take forever to explain, and while it's good that she's with him a lot, ordering him around does not come across as loving motivation.

    My dad needs someone to talk to his heart. Nobody is doing that for him, at least that I know of. I am afraid of being that person and playing that role, but every day I feel more and more pulled in that direction. This could be a sweet time between us. Of course, I am still afraid. This is my father, and you just don't and can't prepare for something like this.

    I am findig that I have been distracting myself the last couple weeks. Stay busy and maybe all the bad stuff will disappear. But then it just shows up in my dreams at night, so go figure!

    I have, however, become a CVS-shopping fool! I already have $34 in ECB, and more shampoo than I know what to do with! I dragged Jeromy along on Sunday since he had to pick up a few things to use up the rest of our flex spending account money for the year, and he was impressed that I got two whole bags of stuff, paying short of $2 OOP. SO much fun!

    You are absolutely the sweetest Amanda, the sincerity in your kindness means more than you know.

    Sue @ navel gazing at its best (love the title) wrote a post a few days ago that rings true accross the board.

    Maybe we gravitate to the blogsphere because most of the time we assume people in our "neighborhoods" are too busy to care about our struggles, and so we find safety in sticking with "weather" small talk while we keep our perfect little masks on. We are afraid to be real and vulnerable, and we miss out on fellowship as God intended. Oh, that we would apply to the rest of life these principles we learn through our blogs.

    How are YOU doing?

  • Playful Professional

    Looks like I missed out on a very good sleep awards show right in my own hometown. I always miss the best things.

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