Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Chronicles of Babbit: Day Five

The final day of our journey began with me waking cranky children who couldn't be convinced of the virtues of wearing socks, then me loading our belongings into the car while being rained upon heavily, then me forcing said cranky children to eat more for breakfast than the brown sugar off their oatmeal, and finally me driving out of Tulsa in said heavy rain, which by now is a torrential downpour. We drove from Tulsa to Sapulpa because my sister needed to declutter her Sizzix collection in my direction, thankyouverymuch. (She's upgraded, and I'm old school.)

The cat likes Babbit... eventually.

After a brief visit, the kids and I headed out towards home, and the rain stuck with us the entire way. Let me just say that it was not a fun drive, what with my car being so small, as well as the precise color of a raincloud. I felt vulnerable, indeed. Fortunately, we had plans to pause halfway in OKC to see a couple of things.

Babbit visits the Science Museum of Oklahoma...

... and kindly allows the kids to tag along.

There, he devises a plan to take over the world.

That dibolical plan was delayed, however, when he got stuck in a set of teeth...

... and was nearly eaten by a laughing dragon.

Babbit decided to make nice instead. First with a Brontosaurus...

... then with a Bison in the Red Earth exhibit, which featured incredible Native American artifacts. (And just so we're clear, Babbit is not really touching anything.)

Blue Rabbits are tinier than Totem Poles...

... but they look awesome in headdresses.

I can assure you, you've never seen a Mommy pull out the Purell faster than when she realized she was shaking a scrotum at her children at the hands-on portion of the Red Earth exhibit. It's lovely and all, but that, my friends, is not for touching. Blech.

Shots of the kids: Bub preferred Space stuff, while Gracie preferred Mirrors and Math

One of the best aspects of our day is the fact that we had all this fun for FREE. We're members at our local science museum, and the Science Museum of Oklahoma is part of the same network. We didn't realize that until we got there, so we saved $38.00 that we'd planned to spend. As a result, our visit was leisurely, and the kids were free to run from this display to that without me feeling like they just had to take in everything. They played on the two-story tree house play structure for a good, long while, and we left for home without visiting every room. Membership certainly does have its privileges.

Homeward Bound

Thank you, Amy, for not giving this name to one of your children.

Babbit and Bub are totally wiped out.
We are all so glad to be nearly home.

Thank you all for tagging along!


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