Friday, March 7, 2008

No Preservation for Pirates

At lunch today, Bub decided he no longer liked citrus fruits, despite the tantalizing slices of navel oranges and tangelos on his plate. I informed him that he had to eat the fruit regardless of the new dislike, and began distracting him by telling him about pirates and their struggle with scurvy resulting from a limited supply of Vitamin C -- the secret super power in his meal. Diseased pirates and secret super powers make fruit (and just about everything else) cool, so he began devouring the slices I'd given him.

As he ate, he wondered aloud why pirates didn't just take oranges with them on their ships. I explained the long journeys, the lack of storage space, the effects of rodent infestation, and the finer points of food preservation. Ever the know-it-all, Gracie said, "Well, they should have taken a refrigerator and some Green Bags. Then they would have been okay." My girl is so smart, but she watches way too many infomercials.


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