Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wherein Rangers Fans Will Stay Fat Forever

James was online checking out tickets for an upcoming game/concert combo at Rangers stadium. Suddenly stunned, he called to me, "Hey, take a look at this!" Apparently, there's a section in Rangers stadium where for one low price a wristband will allow you to completely clog your arteries, cheering for your team all the while.

I'm not really a fan of baseball (gasp!), but I am a fan of nachos, and the thought of all of that eating is even too much for me! However, if the concession stand is the only reason to attend a sporting event, the $34 price (including admission) may actually prove to be a really good deal -- that is, if your digestive system can manage all of that "cheese."

Along the same line, did you know you can bring your own snacks and water into the Rangers stadium? Last year, we saw a game on a promo day when the tickets were really cheap. To save even more money, we brought in some treats of our own, along with some bottled water, and shared one order of stadium nachos among our family of four. All told, we had a very inexpensive family outing, and a day filled with fun.


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