Friday, March 28, 2008

March Giving Update

I'm still working towards the goal of raising $100 per month for the Mission: Water for Life project. I'm $117 ahead of goal right now.

I don't believe I updated for February, but I liquidated part of my cloth diaper stash, sold a few more things on eBay, and received an unexpected refund. Money for March came from some more sales on eBay: $17 from a CD set, and $100 from an agreed upon portion of some video equipment we picked up strictly for resale.

About that, we found a stack of equipment one Saturday at the Goodwill. The stack included three VCR-type professional video recorders, some big blue metal box that does something fancy, and a box of computer discs that make the blue box functional. We bought the entire stack (4 components, all the cords, plus the discs) for $30 total.

Our auction for the blue box (and the appropriate cords and discs) ended while I was out of town and the final selling price was $699. Because I'd previously committed to taking $100 a month from joint endeavors, I happily "allowed" the other $569 go into the household budget.

After that sale, we already have a profit of $669, and we still have the other three things to sell. Based on closed auctions, we project they will sell between $150-250 each! (It's deals like these that remind me why we were Powersellers in the first place.) Since the whole set was purchased as a package deal, I don't plan to tap into any more of those funds. Regardless, I already have things lined up for April's money, and I still have stuff for a garage sale. Now, if only someone would add about three more days onto each week, I'd have the time!


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