Thursday, March 6, 2008

Springtime Snow Day

If there's ever a time I was thankful I crossed town to take midterms early, it's now. Today, on a Thursday like any other Thursday, we've been stricken with winter in the spring. The weather was projected to be so precarious today that the kids' school let out at 1:30, though I didn't get the district phone call until 2:00. Fortunately, James saw news of the kids' early release on the website of a local channel and called me so I could arrange for a neighbor to meet them at home. I was trapped in traffic far, far away from here with no chance of making it home before them. Though I was stuck in traffic, my normally 40 minute drive was extended to about an hour, so only a twenty minute increase. James is making that same drive now, and it took him about twenty minutes just to turn left out of his office parking lot. I think he's going to have a very long night.

Anyway, I got home about ten minutes after kids and made them come in to bundle up for their snowy play day. While I baked cookies as a "thank you" for the neighbor, the kids made snow angels, had a snowball fight, and built their first snowman. Gracie stayed out until her feet couldn't stand it anymore, but I had to practically drag Bub back into the house. He's been in long enough to defrost and down some Hot Cocoa and a banana for energy, and he's ready to go again. I think he'd spend the night out there if I'd let him.

Weather-wise, one never knows what to expect here in Texas. I just think it's so ironic that the kids were riding bikes over Christmas, and playing in the snow come spring.

So Happy for Snow

Snow Angels

Note Bub doing a face-down snow angel in the neighbor's yard.
Yea, we don't know what to do with snow 'round these parts...

Snowball Fight

Our Friend, the Snow Poke

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