Friday, March 28, 2008

Open House and an Apology

Before you read further, allow me to apologize for my previous post in its original state. If you happened to stumble upon last night's blog entry before 7:00 this morning, you were in for a real treat. (That is, if frequent repetition, grammatical errors, and general rambling is your idea of a treat.) I felt compelled to get that post up last night before I collapsed into bed after having had no sleep the night before, and a less than two hour long nap in the morning. Writing post-insomnia makes for an interesting read, but not interesting as enjoyable (or even tolerable), so I apologize. After a good night's sleep, I've gone back through yesterday's post and I've done some editing, so what you have now is the best you're going to get. Please enjoy with my compliments. :)

And now onto today, or rather, back to yesterday...

The kids had Open House at school last night. We were surprised at just how excited they were to have us come visit. I don't know if they were so thrilled because we were at the school in the evening, or if they were excited because James came home early specifically to go, but they were both beside themselves -- Gracie was actually squealing and jumping around like a wild person in the parking lot.

Once inside, they showed us around their classrooms and pointed out their favorite math and literacy centers. They shared their most recent projects with us, introduced us to their friends (if pointing to a kid running by and saying, "Hey, that's Ricky" is an introduction), and took us to their favorite "specials" classroom, like Music, Art, or P.E. We briefly visited with their teachers, and particularly loved learning how Bub is growing in the classroom and is making his teacher laugh. We finished the night by buying each of them a spirit shirt and going out to Braum's for ice cream. The End.

Looking at Literacy Centers

Gracie's Current Classroom Study: The Pig

Bub's Texas Travel Journal --
Filled with more Texas facts than you'll ever need to know.

Glad to be with Dad

Three little buddies: Bub, Ricky, and Punn

Bub's First "Girlfriend," Kuilani
(not to be confused with his sister, Gracie).
She's our neighbor and they all three play together,
both at home and at school.

Big Hugs: After trying to fun away from Kuilani's affections,
Bub finally just gave in.


  • The Dukes Family

    Fun evening ... it's always neat to see what the kids are up to all day long, isn't it? Looks like they're thriving and enjoying.

  • Someone Being Me

    That looks like fun. I used to love that night too when I was a kid. I miss Braums. We had one when I lived up near Dallas but unfortunately we don't have one here. My favorite glass is a glass Braum's mug with a cow on it.

  • Emily

    I had to laugh at the "more facts than you'll need to know" bit. We got more Texas history in the 4 years we lived there than most states give in the whole 13 years of school. They love their history :)

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