Monday, March 31, 2008

Mechanical Problems

Recently, airlines began grounding planes after safety oversights became public. Southwest did it. American and Delta did it. Fortunately, all the various companies wasted no time in righting the safety wrongs just in time for James' busy travel week, however, with tornado sirens blaring today, James called with concerns that his flight would be cancelled. It was not. The weather cleared just in time.

Though James beat the weather today, and though all major repairs have supposedly been made on his preferred airline, James' flight was delayed after all for a "mechanical repair." All the passengers boarded, but were delayed on the tarmac as the problem was discovered. Then the passengers were unloaded and left to wait in the terminal for two hours before finally being reboarded and allowed to take-off.

Despite the fact that earlier this month planes were rocketing through the air with wiring problems and cracks in the fuselage, some things are completely unacceptable for air travel:

The toilet roll holder wasn't working properly and had to be replaced.


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