Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Deals of the Day: 03/12/08

I ran to CVS while Gracie was at ballet, and scored some bargains. I'm still getting used to working out the Extra Care Bucks deals, so I was about $4 upside down in my ECB exchange. Additionally, I accidentally broke my glasses into smithereens today, so I wasn't able to read the minuscule font on the shelf tags. That's precisely how I missed the Fructis limit of two (I got 4, hence the $4 ECB difference). Regardless, here's what I got:

3 Garnier Fructis Shampoo/Conditioner
1 Garnier Fructis Hair Putty
2 3pk. Irish Spring Soap Bars
1 Bottle Irish Spring Body Wash
5 Packages Lypsyl Lip Balm

$8.10 Manufacturer's Coupons Used
$27.98 ECBs Spent
$1.98 OOP
$23.98 ECBs Earned for next time

(See, I lost $4.00 because I overlooked the Fructis limit. Oh well, better next time.)

After ballet, Gracie and I stopped at Walgreens. I read about Register Rewards on another website, so I thought I would stop in and attempt to figure that whole deal out. I read the Rebate Booklet and wandered through the store, but I saw nothing in-store regarding Register Rewards. Need to do some more research, apparently. Meanwhile, I stumbled across some pretty good buys with clearance deals in H&B and Frozen Goods:

2 Purell Hand Sanitizer (12 oz) -- Clearanced for $1.00 each, so free after coupons.
1 Sally Hansen Nail Strengthener -- Clearanced for $1.00, so free after coupon.
1 pkg. Cut Rite Wax Paper -- Clearanced for .49 cents. Purchased without coupon.
4 Tombstone Supreme Pizzas -- Clearanced for $1.24 each. Had no coupon. Darn!
5 Jack's Pepperoni Pizzas (like Tombstone) -- Clearanced for .99 each.
7 boxes of Foster Farms (6pk) corndogs -- Clearanced for .74 each. No coupon still.
2 Banquet Chicken Nuggets Meals -- Clearanced for .44 each. No coupon for this either.
6 bags Chex Mix -- On sale BOGO for $1.99. Coupons for .50 off each, so 6/$3.00.
2 tubes Colgate Max Toothpaste -- Clearanced for $1.59. Used .75 off each.

Here's the damage:

$7.50 Manufacturer's Coupons Used
$59.61 Walgreen's Savings
$20.99 OOP
(Which is great for 9 pizzas, 42 corndogs, and plenty of Chex Mix as travel snacks for this weekend. My Walgreens experience would have been even better if I had those coupons I normally do. I truly don't know how I'm without. Still, good deals...)


  • Elizabeth

    Incredible. Wish I had your brain.

  • Amanda

    CVS for Rookies (which I'm studying tonight):

  • Amy

    You make me feel like such a loser! :)

  • jduckbaker

    That's fantastic!
    I checked out Hot Coupon World and am excited about all the information, yet overwhelmed by the abundance of it. It's going to take me a while to get through it.

    I really want to start using CVS, as their deals really can't be beat, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around it all. Seems you have to put a little something in at first, and then you can start using the bucks. But what I'm not sure of is do you get one big amount at the end of the transaction, or is it lots of little amounts? Should I really be worried about that?

    I'm off to read the link that amanda put in the comments now.

  • jduckbaker

    Oops- that was you "amanda"- sorry.


  • taralynn819

    I've got a nice stash of the Lypsl...which is good because I'm a chapstick addict! I keep one everywhere!

    I almost feel criminal walking away with all that stuff and making a few bucks on top! I'm sure that feeling will go away. :)

  • The Dukes Family

    Wow!! I really need to figure out that cvs thing - thanks for the link. I'll check it out.

  • Playful Professional

    I really need to go over and find the Lip Balm stuff... what section did you find that in? I got everything else in your picture and am super excited!

  • niobe

    I'm very impressed. Maybe I'll try to figure out the CVS stuff. Though, after reading the comments of others who are also confused by it, I don't feel quite as dumb.

  • Zoran

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    Continue with that great work,don't disappoint,will be better next time!
    I hope I've been helpful!
    Best wishes!

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