Friday, March 7, 2008

Water Update

I'm still raising money for Mission: Water for Life. In February, my money came from a partial liquidation of my cloth diaper supply, and from the sale of some more goods on eBay. So far for March, money has come from an unexpected refund. Additionally, I have more to sell online and I'm planning a yard sale, so this month may have overage.

As if couponing wasn't good enough on its own, today I discovered that my couponing is meeting the same need -- bringing clean drinking water to those who thirst. For every P&GbrandSAVER® coupon redeemed during March and April 2008, P&G will donate 1 liter of safer, cleaner drinking water to children in need in developing countries. (details) If I ever needed a reason to shop (which I haven't, by the way), that's the best one yet!


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