Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Building a Baby Suite -- Day Six through Eight, or Wrapping it up...

The changes in the final few days of construction seemed as dramatic as the first. It was exciting to see things coming together, and to be able to get in to do some of the work myself. On day six of construction, the contractor applied the texture to the new walls. He did that on a Friday, which gave me the weekend to paint. I painted the walls on day seven. I used two gallons of mistint paint from Sherwin Williams (only $1.00/gallon), and blended them to get the shade Bub was after -- a sort of vintage blue. I'd love to go over the top and do a vintage surfer theme, but there really isn't wall space for themed items. His comforter is a simple blue and black stripe, and he has orange bins for his Ikea shelf, so instead of an official theme, I think we'll focus on blue and black with touches of orange throughout.

On day eight, all of the trim was installed, caulked and painted. James and I also began loading all of Bub's belongings into the room. He is beyond thrilled to have a new space, and everything he needs will fit nicely with just enough floor space to build some fantastic Lego creations. The contractor is planning one more work day, but that day will be used to clean up, install the door knob, and do any corrections we discover we need (none, so far). He hauled all of his tools out, so as far as I'm concerned, he's finished. It won't be long until we have our lives and our home back all to ourselves!

Day Six

Tenting for Texture

Applying Texture to the Walls

A Goggled Gracie Ready to Help

Bub Imagining His New Space

Day Seven

Ready to Paint!

A Beautiful Vintage Blue

Day Eight

Floor Trim

Door Framing

Loading in the Furniture

Desk and Gaming Cubby

Ikea Shelf Waiting to be Filled

Window Wall

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