Friday, January 25, 2008

Though they're helpful, cerclages are gross.

Tonight I was stalking my stalkers on, and found that the two most common searches that lead people here are the title Hamburger Bush (really?) and Transabdominal Cervicoisthmic Cerclage (that which lives in my uterus).

The latter search allowed me to track back to an informative site about the T.A.C., and since I am still often contacted about the procedure I underwent in May to resolve the issue of my incompetent cervix*, I will be sharing this site with others. (The only information I found before my own surgery was a bunch of clinical reports of case studies and a pencil sketch of the abdominal cerclage. Not a great deal of help at all.)

Along with a sampling of gynecological surgeries, this site includes the case study of a woman who had the T.A.C. placed. (Please note that the terms "abortion" and "spontaneous abortion" are interchangeable with the terms "miscarriage" and "preterm delivery." I think the use of the term "abortion" in this context unfairly infers a choice, but that's just my opinion. If it hasn't already been made clear, the terminology of medicine is quite unconcerned with the heart and how it may be pained -- that is, unless it needs medicine.)

The photographs on this site are graphic and absolutely disgusting, but it includes has the best (rather, the only) photo I've ever seen of a T.A.C. being placed. Don't look if you're squeamish. The photographs come from K.J.K. Hospital, which, according to their website, is situated in T.rivandrum, the capital city of Keral.a, in a very quiet and relaxing atmosphere at Nala.nchira, sufficiently away from the heart of the city and 3 miles from the railway station.

If you have cervical incompetency and are considering an abdominal cerclage for yourself, you should know that there is a Yahoo group called Abbyloopers (here) where you can find a database of doctors worldwide who perform the procedure. From what I understand, there aren't many doctors who perform the procedure -- 97 on this compiled list, which I understand to be the only one of its kind -- but many people travel for the opportunity to have a T.A.C. placed.

Additionally in the group, you will find support and answers from many women who've had the procedure done and who have carried to term (or very near) after repeated losses or premature deliveries, some of whom are now carrying their second or third pregnancy. There's a lot of hope to be found after what often is frequent devastation.

*I had a pre-conception (pre-pregnancy) transabdominal cervicoisthmus cerclage placed in May 2007 after I tore through two transvaginal cerclages, one of which was a rescue (Feb. 2002), the other, prophylactic (Feb 2007).


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