Thursday, January 24, 2008

Northanger Abbey

Yesterday I watched Northanger Abbey from the Masterpiece series that my TiVO so lovingly recorded for me. Was it just me, or did William Beck (the guy who played John Thorpe) totally look like Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords? I swear I thought they were one in the same!

Everytime John Thorpe/William Beck would speak to Catherine, I waited for him to burst into Business Time (see here), internally laughing all the while. I've been all over and and I can't find a picture of William Beck anywhere, but here is a picture of Jemaine. Think tophat and speeding buggy and tell me I'm not right.


  • Elizabeth

    That is hilarious!!! I'm sitting here laughing so hard I can barely type. You crack me up!

    So, did you like the movie? A bit risque for my conservative Jane Austen mind...but good nonetheless.

  • Anonymous

    Now that you mention're right! But there are actually photos of WB all over the web (was in the BBC Robin Hood for one.) I'll never be able to look at him the same again - and he's one of my favorite bit actors.

  • Amanda

    I discovered he was the British Robin Hood in all of my search, but still was unable to find a photo. (As I've mentioned before, I'm not extraordiarily computer-savvy. More of a hack, really.) Oh Anonymous One, please extend your hand of mercy and your photo gathering skills and tell me where one can be found. Please, oh pretty please?!

  • Anonymous

    I've stumbled across many sites - some Robin Hood related (he played Roy, not Robin - only lived through 4 episodes of season 1!) There are actually photos here and there of his previous roles on TV. Some forgettable UK shows, but I think he does a great job at the types of roles that he plays. He was in a "Mystery" Inspector Dagleish too. Here is a link to scads of screen captures from Robin Hood.

    And yes, there is actually a Yahoo group devoted to him (about four members!) Here's a link to that, there are some photos*

  • Anonymous

    oops, my last post cut off some of the urls, hopefully you can figure them out, if not, I'll try to figure out how to break them up so they don't get lost!

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