Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another Blogger and the Master Muffin Mix

I've been reading after this other Blogger tonight. She started a thread called The Grocery Cart Challenge to bounce around some ideas as she implements frugal ideas in her day to day life. She is a woman after my own heart!

I found this recipe link from a friend of hers buried back in her blog, and wanted to share it here. It's a master muffin mix, and looks really good and easy to make. If you want to have something inexpensive and easy on hand for those busy mornings, you should absolutely make this stuff. Also, it's a great mix to have on hand for produce sales or markdowns. Blueberries on clearance at Kroger? You've got yourself breakfast for three days.


  • The Dukes Family

    That's a great blog ... I'm looking forward to spending some time reading there. Have you seen Like Merchant Ships? It's not always grocery-related but she has some great frugal tips and her frugality is inspiring.

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