Friday, January 25, 2008

Hot Dog Bush

Check out the Hot Dog Watchdog -- YIKES!

As I laid in bed tonight, I couldn't help but think about my last post. Seriously, probably 20% of the blog visitors who stumble in here do so by using the search term Hamburger Bush. For such a high percentage, I was really concerned that title must be code for something I'm too naïve to understand, so I got up to do a little internet searcharoo. I came up with nothing but my own blog and some links to some not-so-smart comments that President Bush made to the Prime Minister of Hamburg. Nothing grotesque, so I guess I'm okay*.

During my search, though, I stumbled across this game called Hot Dog Bush. For a few minutes I helped Dubya run his little hot dog stand, but then I realized working for fun is no fun at all.

*Please, please let me know if you find information to the contrary. This is a family show, y'all.


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