Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Spoils of Mediocrity

Another most non-conventional way to keep a budget ever so trim is to go play Bunko with some friends, have a completely average game, and bring home the spoils of mediocrity: a bunch of free toilet paper! (The group I belong to awards the most intermediate player -- equal wins, equal losses -- with a prize like bulk toilet paper or baking mixes. Every player brings a contribution to the prize, and the most average player takes it home. Hooray for mediocrity!)

For those who would say, "What in the world is Bunko," here's a very informative site for explanation. For those who know Bunko, love Bunko, and need to get into a game as in pronto, go here.

On a more personal note, it was so fun to go play last night. I hadn't realized how I'd missed it! I belonged to this particular league of church friends a couple of years ago, but due to conflicts in scheduling, I had to stop playing when we launched Celebrate Recovery. When we stepped down as ministry leaders at the beginning of this year, one of my first non-CR responsibilities was to secure my position as a permanent Bunko player once again, and last night was the season opener.

As for last night, I was the first to arrive and one of the last to leave, gaining an extra 45 minutes on either side of the game. (Sorry, Randi!) My early arrival was on accident -- I met James for the great kid-switch and thought I would be ten, maybe fifteen, minutes early. After helping with some last minute details and sitting down for a chat with the hostess, I asked, "Don't we start at 7:00?" You can imagine my embarrassment when I discovered 7:30 was the time to show up, and 8:00 was the time to start playing. At game's end, I was immersed in conversation, and didn't leave until 9:45 or so. Next month, I'm wearing a watch with a timer.

One of the disadvantages to moving to a further-away town and going to a closer-to-home church is leaving behind people you love. It's so nice to know that once a month, I'll meet many of them and catch up over dice and desserts.


  • The Dukes Family

    Only you could come up with a good title for the middle prize ... I'm adopting it as the official title: "the spoils of mediocrity". Be glad you arrived early by accident ... I'm so glad you did! I'm really glad you're back in the group!

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