Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hey you, wanna play?

Hello to you, my friend in real life, my faithful blog stalker. I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm participating in a great big blog giveaway carnival where I will be giving away FREE CHOCOLATE. I've noticed that you, my friend, have grown eerily quiet. You who stumble over my other friends to comment about things found on my backside have yet to play along. My friend, won't you please reconsider and join in on the fun? (Do you think I've said my friend enough? I feel like I'm writing an scam e-mail like the ones from Mrs. Rev. Oobo Mombasa from Maputo, Mozambique. You know the ones that promise millions and millions of tax-free dollars to you, my friend?)

Standard, widely known contest rules do not apply here. Only one rule applies to my contest: James cannot play (because he will probably win, and then he will probably give the gift card back to me for Valentine's Day, and then he will probably be very confused about why I'm just not as happy as can be about that). So, if you are not James, and if you can type and leave a comment, you have equal opportunity to free chocolate. Just go here and leave a comment before Friday at Noon. On Friday, I will close the comments, let the random number generator monkeys do their thing, and name a winner here post haste.


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