Saturday, January 26, 2008

Her Solution

Gracie has had terrible chapped lips this season. Even at this young age, it's clear she's inherited her mommy's winter skin. In addition to that, she's taken to lip-licking. The combination of those two things, coupled with whipping winter winds, lead to crusty lips that burn with meals and kisses.

When we saw the pediatrician last, she noticed Gracie's chapped lips. I explained that we'd tried nearly every product under the sun, and the one we really loved (a liquidy Chapstick product that had some exfoliating beads) had been discontinued. Everything else was too "spicy" for Gracie, or so she said. The pediatrician suggested Eucerin. It was easy to apply (as in no one had to be wrestled to the ground), it was not "spicy" at all, and Gracie's crusty lips were supple once again after only a couple of applications.

Unfortunately, we've run out of Eucerin, and I've not been to the drugstore this week. Gracie's lips have grown progressively worse over the last couple of days, and she was driven to tears earlier when I applied one of the old standbys. Ever the resourceful girl, tonight Gracie came up with her own solution -- purple lipstick from her make-up kit.

Here's hoping it doesn't stain!


  • Elizabeth

    She is so precious! Those eyes...!

    Sam has they same problem with chapped lips...and he licks and licks to no end. We use either eucerin or aquaphor. He, too, looks like a sweet clown when he rubs it on. ALL over those lips! :-)

    Hope she finds relief soon.

  • The Dukes Family

    So funny. Poor girl - growing up in Canada, I had chronic chapped lips. I sympathize. The lip balm from Beauticontrol is amazing ... it stays on all night long and leaves your lips so soft.

  • Emily

    That is a hilarious picture. I am sorry that she is dealing with the pain of chapped lips. That really stinks!

  • Little Piddles

    Thank you for enetering in my bloggy giveaway. My girls have eczema so we always keep Eucerine in the house and if you have a Walmart near by there usually sell it the cheapest. I too use it all the time for my lips:)

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