Monday, January 7, 2008

For Clarification: Lawnmower Racing

I posted on my "Getting to Know Your Friends" meme that my favorite sport is lawnmower racing. After puzzling some pals, perhaps I should clarify.

I am not a sports fan at all, really. We go to sporting events from time to time, but I only tag along for the frozen lemonade and corndogs as long as my forearm. My husband, though, is a sports fanatic. He loves sports maybe even a little bit more than he loves me. (If not more, then only slightly less.)

One day, he was watching TV as many men do -- blazing through channels as fast as the remote could go -- when he happened upon a sport I could appreciate. I really enjoyed mocking it more than I had a genuine appreciation for it, but the question on the meme was "What sport do you like to watch?," not "What sport do you hold in high regard?"

Lawnmower racing is a sport unto itself. Seemingly more popular in rural areas*, lawnmower racing is a sport where grown men soup up their John Deeres with flames and rollbars and then race each other around a track of hay bales. It is not a sport to be taken lightly -- I'm pretty sure a hay bale hurts if you plow into it 35mph. Additionally, at every race I think it's safe to say you can expect to hear a "Yeehaw" or two, and who wants to miss out on that? Not me, that's for sure.

Lawnmower racing is about inventiveness and creativity with a wee bit of crazy mixed in -- just like me.

Go ahead and watch it --
You know you want to.

*When I looked into lawnmower racing for this post, it turns out there are international associations for lawnmower racing, along with actual racing companies. I'm not sure if they have sponsors and all, but I guess it's not that improbable. Who knew?


  • sjh

    Ok I'm cracking up. How funny that this is actually a sport!

  • Amy

    OH!!!! Now I understand!!! ;)

    I bet the cow patty toss was the next event of the day...

  • Elizabeth

    Ok, I really think I've seen this on tv before. It was hilarious! Scott watched it for a long, long time. I wonder if it will make prime time b/c of the writers strike? Now THAT would be some good TV people! :-)

  • Emily

    That is hilarious. I have only heard rumors of such sport, to see it in person is awesome =)

  • amy

    How did you know my secret hobby?!?!? ;)

  • shelley

    Seriously, my hubby is not a big sports fan, but he LOVES to watch lawn mower racing! We've never been to one in Person, mind you, we do have our impeccable reputations to uphold! Thanks for visiting my little blog...and glad I could give you something to swipe! My house is my joy and my frustration, every single day. I honestly do not understand how it can go from clean to dirty in 10 minutes...but it does!

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