Saturday, January 19, 2008

Welcome Home, Old Friend

After a week at the cyber spa, my laptop has come home again and I could not be more pleased. It's amazing how quickly one gets spoiled when all homework and blog stalking is done among the deep cushions of a comfy couch. To be relegated to the bill-laden computer armoire with its harder-than-hard straight-backed wooden chair is more than torture. That alone has made me completely unmotivated to consider completing any homework at all this week. (Well, maybe not only that. Sheer laziness and an in-born drive to procrastination could be factors, as well.) Regardless, the computer came home again, completely repaired without costing me anything. Hallelujah!

On Wednesday, Compaq sent an e-mail saying it was on its way, but it missed its flight at FedEx. It was delivered a day late (on Friday instead of Thursday, as originally planned), and by then, James was certain it had been lost forever. (He can be quite the pessimist.) When it was delivered, it would not power on, which is why it was sent out in the first place. James did some [insert computer-nerd jargon along with a bit of nonsensical mumbo jumbo here] when he came home from work, and voilĂ  -- I'm comfortably reconnected to those who are connected.

By the way, my couch says hello.


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