Sunday, December 30, 2007

On my backside

This morning I was showering before church, as I generally do. I recently purchased some new Winter Care soap and was met with some particularly warm water in an otherwise cold house, so the experience was altogether lovely. I enjoyed it as best I could in my otherwise hurried state.

Now, it had not been a long time since my prior bathing experience. Night before last, I soaked and read for a good long time, and would have again last night had it not been for the Blogger layout fiasco in my home (one still to be resolved). This morning, though, I enjoyed my hurried hot shower. My hands slid effortlessly through the sweet scented new soap and I drifted away in my mind, but only for a moment. I was called back to reality as my hand stumbled across something attached to my right butt cheek.

I've not purchased new clothes recently, and I've not been given any with external labels. Additionally, I do not shop in the nude. This morning, that which called me back to reality was an "XL" sticker planted squarely on my backside, and I honestly I have no idea where it could have originally come from.

My friend recently wrote about how God is in the details, and I'm not sure that it's possible to make a New Year's resolution any more clear than that.


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