Saturday, December 8, 2007

Miss Pattycake

Morning came early for Gracie and I. We made plans to join our friends Bruce, DeDe, Rachel and Rebecca for a Christmas Program featuring Miss Pattycake. Miss Pattycake is a jumper-clad songstress who appeals to little preschoolers. She dances and tells stories and always has a good message. Basically, she's the female, non-dinosaur, Christian version of Barney.

Gracie discovered Miss Pattycake sometime back after a playdate with Rachel, but when she did, she was already at the top of the proposed age bracket for Miss Pattycake stuff. Regardless, she still loved Miss Pattycake, so we bought alot of the videos. When DeDe invited us to come along to today's performance, I hesitated. I hesitated because Gracie really has grown, and it seemed painful to me to spend an early morning subjecting myself to someone so chipper when Gracie is just nearly too old.

But then I thought about that fact that she's nearly too old,
not too old yet.
So, we went, and I'm glad.

We were up early and at The Waffle House for a mommy/daughter breakfast at 7:00 A.M. We arrived at DeDe's house at 8:30, and were at the church in Plano before 10:00. Miss Pattycake performed for about 45 minutes, and the show was followed by the Nativity Story, crafts of airplanes and bracelets, balloon animals, and cookies for decorating (though they ran out of icing and sprinkles, so we ate our cookies plain). Gracie enjoyed her time with her friend, and I enjoyed time with mine, and she and I enjoyed time with one another. We all went to lunch afterwards, and came home for a quick nap before evening festivities began. (DeDe has the pictures of the girls with Miss Pattycake, which will be uploaded later.)

Hanging Out in Miss Pattycake's House

Waiting for the Show

Dance to the Music!


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