Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A College Station Christmas

We left Saturday morning to meet James' family in College Station to celebrate Christmas and exchange gifts. We got a later start than originally planned after spending Saturday morning at CareNow, and arrived in College Station a little after lunch. (That pesky fever came back, which prompted the doctor's visit. It turned out to be nothing.) We visited with the family for a bit, and got straight to opening presents. (James dad and grandma wanted to travel home again before dark.)

James' family, of course, gave the children WAY too much stuff and sent me home to examine our pile of gifts for things we could pack away for birthdays and special rewards. I can't decide on anything, so this Christmas will just be VERY generous. I say this every year, but next year, we're REALLY going to cut back. I mean it. I think.

No, seriously, we're planning to model our friends Kim and Doug and limit the kids to three gifts each from us. I need to talk to Kim about the specifics of that plan, but when they get so much, our kids get weary before they enjoy it all. Plus, no one needs so many toys or so much clutter. And we get no royalties from battery companies, so it's time to cut back. Regardless of the gift dilemma, we had a lovely visit and enjoyed our time together.

My favorite College Station Christmas Picture.
(Either she's still excited about the Wii games,
or she really loves the Chick-fil-a wrapping paper.)

After James' dad and grandma left, Uncle Jerald took us to the build site for his new restaurant. He's giving up his Chick-fil-a in Houston to operate the brand new Chick-fil-a of Aggieland (a high honor for an Aggie). Some progress has been made on construction, but it's still a pile of dirt, which bored the kids to death.

Playing in dirt = fun.
Looking at a pile of dirt from inside a vehicle = no fun whatsoever.

We toured a Christmas light display, ate at Freebirds, played with Christmas presents, and watched I Love Lucy until sleep won us over. We went out for Kolaches Sunday morning and got on the road very early to come home.

Though we had a nice visit, I have no desire to return to College Station for a while. We've been down there several times this year, and there's really not alot to do, particularly if you're hauling around a child or two and you're not a beer-drinking college student. Jerald's new store opens in March, and we're planning to make another trip to support him and celebrate with him, but until then, Gig 'em Aggies without lil' old me.

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