Monday, December 17, 2007

Washer Woes

If there's one thing I hate nearly as much as the laundry, it's cleaning up messes made by other people. Now, after a party or a special occasion, I don't mind that kind of cleanup, but the daily stuff, I do not want to do that for others. I don't want to gather dishes from around the house. My inner Nag pops out for a visit if James leaves too many socks on the floor. The kids pick up their belongings.

Now, as a stay-at-home mom, you can imagine how my general distaste for picking up after others has provided multiple opportunities to learn about patience and grace. Kids -- especially my kids -- are mess-makers, and I have spent the last several years constantly bending and picking, reaching and putting, along with yelling, apologizing, and repenting. It was a happy day indeed when I could say to my children, "If you're big enough to make that mess, you're big enough to clean it up," and expect it to mean something to them.

Of all of my experiences of cleaning up after others, tonight is the worst. Christmas is coming, along with houseguests, so it's time to tackle the laundry. Guest towels and sheets need freshening, and James needs a replenishment of his stock of socks to dump on the floor. I have no daytime plans tomorrow and can nap at will, so I planned to stay up while everyone sleeps to read blogs and work on the wash.

I put in the first load as James was heading to bed. I washed towels and a couple of sweatshirts, and must have somehow caused the tub to go out of balance. The spray during the rinse cycle sprayed over the tub and flooded our laundry room and kitchen. James and I worked together to clean the mess, and the next load washed fine without flooding. Now, the third load is causing more flooding, and as the only one still awake, I alone have to clean up the mess.

I hate the laundry, and I hate cleaning up after others, but tonight I'm cleaning up a mess made by the washing machine while I'm doing the laundry, and that is the absolute worst.


  • Kendra

    Yuck...Been there. Hope your laundry gets done. I feel for you! Nothing like dealing with a washer that doesn't work properly to frustrate you!

  • Jenny James

    OK, this is when you put the bug in James's ear that you need a new washer and dryer... I'm still using Steve's old crappy one from before we were married. The thing just won't die.
    Those newer, bigger ones (yes, I know they're pricey) will do twice the laundry. Think of the time you'll save. And they dry so much quicker.
    Kendra can tell you about having to move her washer out to the driveway to do laundry b/c so the water could drain right out to the city curbs... now that's a messed up washing machine. I think that's when Rick finally broke down and conceeded a new machine.
    Good luck with the washer... hope it's not a messy adventure.

  • sjh

    Oh I'm so sorry. That is when we had to get a new set. So hope you don't have to endure that and it will be an easy fix. Hang in there! I am so w/ you on not loving the laundry, but I agree w/ Jenny. We've had our Kenmore Elites for 7 years and I love them! With 3 kids it's never ending, but at least I can stuff it full!

    Have a better day today!

  • Amy

    Ooh! That's bad! Sorry you had to deal with it alone and in the middle of the night.

  • Kendra

    You think Jenny's joking. No so. We were/are the most redneck people in the neighborhood. I will have Rick lean on James for you. ;o)

  • The Dukes Family

    Yuck. Leaking water is never fun. Hope you get the laundry done and the leaking taken care of. I do have to admit, I'm still stuck on "nap at will" ... that sounds really good. And really hard to obtain these days. Homeschooling and napping at will are not a mix.

  • Elizabeth

    Ewww, I hate laundry too. But sounds like you got a raw deal there. :-(

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