Monday, December 31, 2007

Why, you ask?

I've been asked "Why three colums instead of two?" As for my current template being three columns, I wanted the full page of my blog to be used up. All of the blank usable space along the sides of my original two columns irritated me. If I could figure out how to make my current three columns a little wider still, I would, but when I try to manipulate the column width further, it won't work. (At least, not yet.) Additionally, you can fit more widgets and whatnots along that spare column -- it works just like the original. I now have more space for my rampant sense of self-importance! Plus, I just think it looks nicer.

I also used the information on another site to remove the unattactive pencil and wrench one-click tools from my blog. Though others couldn't see them, I could, and they irritated me. Yes, I know they (as tools) could have been helpful, but they were quite unsightly. I'm not sure why access to the same action couldn't have been achieved by a small, more visually appealing dot. It's all about aesthetics and a more effective use of space.


  • The Dukes Family

    Glad for the explanation. I bet you wish you could get out your label maker and label that blog right up! :) I'm bothered by the tools too. They only show up at times for me though ... it's rare.

  • Elizabeth

    too funny...I love what you said about self importance. You are so funny! i chose mine because it was simple looking. i'm not sure that i like mine, but for now it works.

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