Saturday, December 29, 2007

Officially Dead

So, my laptop is officially dead. One year after its glorious arrival, its departure is official. Today, after visiting with a Geek or two among the Squad, the funeral ceremony is set to commence. It turns out that there are likely two problems, and we'll be required to pay $89 (non-refundable) to determine which it of the two our problem is.

Option #1) The motherboard has gone out, and though James and I are both quite literate and quite capable of following directions, a motherboard is evidently not something that can be repaired by an amateur. The configuration of the doohickeys and the whatnots prevent the average Joe from getting the job done. If the brokenness relates to this option, it will cost a mere $300-400 to repair, and when considering that the whole thing originally cost around $600, it's just not a good value. Particularly when you consider that the $89 (non-refundable) will be on top of that, and the internal wireless router that went out a couple of months ago still has to be repaired at an undetermined cost.

Option #2) The laptop at some point became overheated, thus causing it to fry inside and become totally unrepairable, despite the $89 (non-refundable). I would balk at this option, except for the fact that mere moments (or about an hour) before the computer died, I carried it to the kitchen to look up a candy recipe for some coconut I've been dying to use. I placed the laptop on my otherwise safe kitchen table, though I think the fan area may have been sitting on this very cute quilted Christmas table topper. My $1 bag of coconut along with my $1 quilted Christmas table topper and my general sense of distractability killed my laptop.

Knowing the limits of our options, I think we've decided to apply the $89 (non-refundable) along with a couple of gift cards to another new laptop, one that will likely never see the kitchen or anything quilted. Ever.


  • Elizabeth

    Poor laptop... :-( Well, hopefully you'll get a nice new one out of the deal. I hear Mac's are nice!

    3 columns, came from some free blogger template site. There are a ton out there! Happy searching!

  • The Dukes Family

    That stinks. Of course, it happened right after the warranty expired. Doesn't sound like you need to spend the $89 to be told either of those things ... when did we start paying for bad news? There's enough of it for free. :)

  • Christy

    My condolences on your laptop... I hope you cremate it and sprinkle the ashes at Best Buy or at least give it a nice burial.

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