Friday, December 14, 2007

Feeling Better

Our sick little baby is getting better, and I've not seen any trace of the super-high fever the school said she had. I didn't take her temperature again when we got home yesterday because the nurse just had at pick up and it was the same as it was at the phone call. When I got her home, we immediately began all the fever reduction techniques, which quickly dropped her temperature into the normal range. The highest it got back up to yesterday was 100.1, then 99.1. All of other hourly temps were at normal or below.

Gracie slept the majority of the afternoon yesterday, and was awake for a while in the evening. I made her drink lots of fluids, take some more Ibuprofen to get through the night, and eat some crackers and yogurt. We played with a new Nativity set and watched The Polar Express until we both fell asleep. I began checking her again at a little after 5:00 A.M., and her temp has only gone one tenth of a degree over normal all day. I gave her more Ibuprofen as a precaution (and to combat a probable headache that will come from sleeping so much) and some Robitussin for a cough, but otherwise, it looks like Kix and cartoons in Mom's bed will be the cure.


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