Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Clown Revealed

James called to tell me the mystery has been solved. The clown who called out to him during the parade was a coworker whose girlfriend volunteers every year. Because of her connection, he spent his day as a banner-carrying clown. James was excited to know who called out to him, but I say "BOO" to the loss of intrigue and mystery.


  • The Dukes Family

    I'm with James - you need to know. I'd ponder it constantly till I found out ... in fact, I've even pondered it on your behalf, thinking, "hmmm ... do we know any clowns?"

  • amy

    I agree that it was much more intriguing when some mysterious clown picks James out of a crowd of tens of thousands... much more intriguing than simply a co-worker dressed in a silly costume saying hello... ha, ha

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