Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On Honest Scrap and Being Honored

After only 560 posts and a year and a half of countless blogging hours, I was recently honored with my very first blog award -- The Honest Scrap Award, as you can see. It's about time someone recognized just how awesome I am. (ahem.) As recipient of this prestigious award, it's now my responsibility to let you in on ten things about me.

1.) Though I consider myself to be a very honest person, and though I think I'm quite honest on this blog, completing a list like this is a real challenge. I can blather on and on about a whole host of egocentric topics, but when I'm forced to put said topics in list form, I stumble about. What should I list? Is this more honest than that? I second guess every single thought that pops into my brain. Then I just compile a list of nonsense and go with it.

2.) I was painfully shy as a child. I mean it. I don't think I looked anyone in the eye from about second grade until my sophomore year in high school. I might have kept up with the timidity at that point, but it was then I began honing in on my love for the Language Arts. I had an amazing English teacher -- Mr. Judd -- who began helping me develop skills as a writer. He took me seriously where no one had before. Also, I began writing for and editing the school newspaper, and it's very difficult to interview someone when you can't bring yourself to talk to them. Overcoming that shyness was a process, but when I think about it now, about how there's no longer a bashful bone in my body, the severity of my shyness surprises me still.

3.) I have an issue of numbness in my feet. I really have little to no feeling at all there, and what would be considered "feeling" can more be equated to that prickly sensation felt when a body part falls asleep. I've seen a neurologist and have had an MRI and a CT scan, but so far, the cause is officially undetermined. That lack of feeling coupled with my clumsiness leads me to believe there's a good chance I'll lose a toe someday (and maybe without my knowledge). As a result, our cat, who has a propensity to attack my feet, cannot sleep in our room. This lack of feeling really isn't a big deal. I've learned to live with it and to keep it in check. As for my potential to lose a toe, if I'm honest about it (which is the point, right?), I'm less concerned about the balance issue that comes with losing toes, and I'm more concerned about the aesthetics of my feet in flip flops.

4.) I have an unusual affinity for Conversation Hearts. I think they're the candy for all occasions, and I would personally buy and eat them (well, the white ones) all year long. I mean, how hard would it be to change the shape of a heart into that of a pumpkin or a Christmas ornament and stamp the chalky deliciousness with sentiments like "Boo" and/or "Noel?"

5.) I especially enjoy manipulating my children. It's for their own good.

6.) Sometimes I find random things stuck to my butt.

7.) I love going to museums, and I love taking my children to museums. The only thing lovelier than a beautiful piece of art is watching a child grow to appreciate it.

8.) The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost is my very favorite poem ever, ever, ever. It's so inspirational to me on so many levels, but it primarily reminds me of my decision to become a Christ-follower after railing against Christians for so many years. Both the initial decision and the continued decision to step out onto that lesser-traveled path really does make all the difference in my life.

9.) I nearly died along with my son Zachary. (Not literally, but it sure felt like I might. Thank God I didn't.)

10.) I now have a modified uterus. I secretly like to think that makes me a little like the Bionic Woman. Now, if only it could make me run faster.

I'm passing the Honest Scrap blog award on to:

My friend Marcie, who is quite possibly the most honest person I know.

My friend Lisa at the Cowen Family blog. I can't wait for some juicy details!

My friend Karen, who's just not busy enough. (Yeah, right!)

Tara at Think Out Loud. I admire her openness and vulnerability.

Molly at the Shockley Family blog whose posts on adoption inspire me.

Happy Mommy, a blogger I've grown to know and love and do HTML for.

Renae at Life Nurturing Education -- I love her blog and her tweets.

The Rules:

1. Post 10 honest things about yourself along with the award picture.
2. Tag at least 5 other honest bloggers that you know as well as me.
3. Have fun!


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