Friday, December 19, 2008

Frugal Friday Linkage: Christmas 2008 Edition

Ah, Christmas. Such a wonderful time of year -- and such a black hole of time consumption. Every wonderful little thing takes up a wonderfully large amount of time, and lately, I seem to be losing track of everything. The socks -- where did I put the socks? The baking powder, wasn't it right here? Where'd the cat go -- who lost the cat? It's bad. I'm only now, six days before Christmas, posting the Christmas cards and hoping for the best.

One thing I didn't want to forget this week was the Frugal Friday linkage. I've run across some articles and blog posts this week that I wanted to share, so I began linking up in a post set to upload automatically -- and then I forgot to finish it. So, very early this morning, an unfinished Frugal Friday post was up long before me. When I woke up and realized what had happened, I pulled it down to finish it. So sorry for the Christmas confusion.

(This isn't a link, but rather a reminder than Linens 'n Things closes for good this weekend. Last weekend, the whole store was marked at 50% off. I'm sure by now, things are at 80-90% off. Great for last minute gifts!)

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