Monday, December 22, 2008

25 Days of Christmas -- Day 22: Cleaning Frenzy

My friend Stacy issued a "25 Days of Christmas" challenge.
To participate, post 25 ways you celebrate the Christmas season.

The pre-Christmas cleaning frenzy is nearly as much a tradition as my famous cheeseball or Granny's savory dressing. I really am insane when people come to visit (even small neighbor children), and as I flitted around the house today in preparation for our houseguests, I realized I come by my obsessiveness naturally.

My mom called last night, hoping to make arrangements for the kids to come help with some holiday baking, and the thought of that (and perhaps some Soft Scrub fumes) caused me to recall all the time I spent cleaning at my Granny's house before any major gathering -- including Christmas. She'd call my mom to bring me over at the beginning of my holiday break, then give me a little pocket money to dust all the knick-knacks, polish the plant leaves, sweep out the mudroom, and reorganize the sequin collection in her craft room -- all sorts of obsessive chores that didn't make a difference to the happiness of the holidays, and chores just like the ones I frequently and irrationally obsess over now. It's all becoming so clear to me now!

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