Friday, December 5, 2008

Frugal Friday Linkage and a Word on the Duggars

It's Friday, and it's time for Frugal Friday Linkage. A couple of today's links are focused on the Duggar family, the family with 17 kids (number 18 on the way!) often featured on TLC. I have to say, I absolutely love anything and everything Duggar, so when began asking people to send in their Dugger family questions, I couldn't wait to read the responses. The Duggers have an enormous family, and yet, they live entirely debt-free, trusting God and being responsible with their finances. Their motto: "Buy used, and save the difference." I am often so inspired by their lives, and not just by their frugalist attitudes.

They are very forward about their absolute reliance upon the Lord, completely unashamed. They hold firm to their faith even when the producers of their show seem to mock them, as they did in a recent episode of 17 Kids and Counting. (On the show, Jim Bob and Michelle took their kids to the Creation Museum in Ohio, and as they explained their faith in God's creation, the producers edited it and added commentary that portrayed them as unlearned bumpkins.) Their children know and love God, and actively seek Him. As a family, they are such an example of Godliness and so inspirational. I wish I knew them in person. I would totally let all their kids come to my house at one time to play the Wii -- that's how much I admire them.

In addition to the Duggar links, enjoy some tips for a Frugal Christmas!

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