Tuesday, December 2, 2008

25 Days of Christmas -- Day 2: The Fireplace

My friend Stacy issued a "25 Days of Christmas" challenge.
To participate, post 25 ways you celebrate the Christmas season.

There's something about December and the days leading up to Christmas that influences us to put the fireplace to good and frequent use. On cold days before and after December, we're more prone to grab a blanket than a fresh log. But when the mantle dons twinkle lights and stockings, a crackling fire is likely to be the source of warmth.

The kids and I don't have a fire going through the day during the week, but it's become a habit for me to get a good one going just before I expect James to walk through the door at night. On the weekend, a fire is probable all day long. We've already gone through stacks of firewood, and are hoping to have a much bigger stockpile come December 2009.


  • Happy Mommy

    I love that you make the fire before James gets home. I do that too. I often make a fire and have it going all day, it's cold here.

  • Randi

    Ours is gas but I still love it ... although I have yet to use it this year. I like Phil to be home for the first lighting (in case anything goes awry ... like a bit of CO poisoning). I think tonight's the night. It's definitely cold enough.

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