Wednesday, December 24, 2008

25 Days of Christmas -- Day 24: The Christmas Story

My friend Stacy issued a "25 Days of Christmas" challenge.
To participate, post 25 ways you celebrate the Christmas season.

We spent much of Christmas Eve home at home relaxing as a family -- grandparents included. Somehow, preparations for Christmas this year became much less taxing than they normally are, or than we anticipated them to be. Today, we did some baking and a little last minute wrapping, but mostly, we just enjoyed hanging out together. At the end of the night, we let the children open a small gift from under the tree -- a preview, if you will. Then, before they went to bed, we took time to read the Christmas story from Luke 2, and discussed the true meaning of Christmas.


  • Emily

    Ohhh Coach. What'd ya get? I have seen so many things here, but always too much money for us to spend. I always like seeing other people's stuff :p

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