Wednesday, December 17, 2008

25 Days of Christmas -- Day 17: A Christmas Carol

My friend Stacy issued a "25 Days of Christmas" challenge.
To participate, post 25 ways you celebrate the Christmas season.

I considered squeezing one more holiday play in, taking the kids to see the same performance of A Christmas Carol that my friend Amy took her kids to see a few days ago. Instead, when James left town today, the kids and I opted to change into Christmas pajamas, pile into my big bed, and watch A Christmas Carol featuring Patrick Stewart.

It was a good idea in theory, being all snuggled together, enjoying a Christmas show. In reality, though, it was a snooze-fest waiting to happen. I watched two-thirds of the movie with no problem, but my eyes grew so heavy at one point, I thought, "I'll just close them for a minute." Next thing I knew, I awoke to Gracie squealing at the ghost of Christmases to come.

I assured her the characters in this Dickens classic were no more real than Cam Jansen or Ralph S. Mouse, and I rubbed her back to comfort her. Moments later, she'd fallen asleep. At the next commercial break, before she was deeply slumbering, I woke her up and guided her to bed. Bub and I moved our viewing to the upstairs couch where I continued to fight sleep and lost. At the end of the movie, I woke up long enough to discuss the film with him and tuck him in, and was promptly off to dreamland once again.

Next year, we'll see A Christmas Carol in public, and hopefully stay awake.

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