Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gracie'th Firsth Christhmasth Gift

Gracie is six-and-a-half years old, and probably the last of her same-aged peers to have baby teeth held firmly in place. She's waited and wiggled for so long that we wondered if spontaneous tooth loss would ever happen for her, or if the dentist would have to get the ball rolling. Fortunately, no intervention is necessary -- tonight, Gracie lost her very first tooth!

As she brushed Saturday morning, Gracie noticed that she had a "wobbly" tooth. For days, she wiggled it with her finger and pushed it with her tongue. She let me touch it a few times, and even invited strangers to check it out, but she wouldn't let her Daddy pull it for anything. She was scared of the potential pain and/or bleeding. So the tooth remained until today when, after eating crispy-crusted pizza for dinner, she squealed, "My tooth fell out in my hand!"

No pain, minimal blood, and money to come -- with a first lost premium. ($5!) To quote Gracie, "It'th like getting my very firsth Christhmasth gift!"


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