Thursday, February 14, 2008

Good Conversation

Apparently, Valentine's Day has been the subject in school lately and Gracie and Bub had a dinnertime argument last night about Cupid and his arrow. There was no argument between the two about the fact that Cupid's arrow would stab an in-love person in the heart. (ouch!) The argument was whether or not someone could physically survive such an assault. Gracie argued that they could because I've been stabbed in the heart by Cupid and I was in front of her, living and breathing and cooking dinner. Bub, on the other hand, wondered if I've ever really been in love. Such complicated matters. In the meantime, as they come to some conclusion, may your Valentine's Day be happy, and may you be assaulted by Cupid and live to tell about it.

I love Valentine's Day. It's my favorite of all the sub-holidays (you know, a non-Thanksgiving/non-Christmas reason for gift-giving). One thing I get especially excited about during the season of love is the introduction of Conversation Hearts. Really, who doesn't love a good conversation, particularly if it's stamped on a chalky little ticker?

There is one odd little personal factoid that probably should have gone on my weird list, but it didn't. This one's a bonus. Consider it my Valentine's Day gift to you. Though I love Conversation Hearts, I only eat the white ones. I buy enormous bags and pick through them to get every single white one out, all of which I hoard away and share with no one. (My children even relinquish their white Hearts without provocation -- aren't they just so sweet?) Every remaining Heart is then handed off to James, to the kids, or to random passers-by with my fondest regards, but I always, always, get the first pass through.

Though I only eat the white ones, I enjoy reading the sentiments on all the others. Most of the messages are so corny, and lately I've found a few to be downright rude. Regardless, the half-printed hearts that were meant to say one thing, but that say something altogether different, are the best of all. In honor of Valentine's Day, I saved a few of the non-white, crummy, half-printed hearts, and want to share their ridiculous conversation with you here...

"URA GE" -- I know you are, but what am I?!

"AND" -- And what? How rude.

"ILU" -- Well, ILU U 2.

"M. M." -- Yummy.

"ME" -- Why so selfish? What about me?

"NICE GIP" -- Thank for noticing. It's new.

"ANGER" -- What are you trying to say?

"Blank" -- We really need to improve our communication here.



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