Monday, February 4, 2008

Hey, I'm Not a Loser!

Earlier today I finally connected with the winner of my blog giveaway -- Britni, from over here. It turns out she won SIX blog giveaways in the winter carnival, which I think is completely unfair and a mark of some terrible societal imbalance. Perhaps she won so much because she's just as cute as can be and random number generators prefer cuteness. Perhaps she won so much because she's not quite as disgruntled as me, and it's a better attitude that random number generators want out of their winners. Who knows? Either way, she won six times, so I had to comment that I didn't win this round, not even once, though I spent a whole night visiting blogs and entering contests.

I no more than clicked "submit" on my comment to Britni when I got an e-mail notifying me that I won You Can Do It!: The Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-Up Girls from Fabric of My Life:

(Considering that I'd already spent the better part of the evening writing a pitiful post about how absolutely directionless I feel at the moment, and how I could really use a map on something, anything, I thought the timing of my winning notification was quite humorous. Perhaps I'll revise the previously written post into something less pitiful and post it here tomorrow...)


  • Awesome Mom

    Well this can be your double lucky day. The winner of my blue bunny has not contacted me and if you would still like it email me with your mailing address and it it yours.

  • The Dukes Family

    Wow - you better not be complaining any more, you double winner! And didn't you win a bunch of stuff last time?

  • Someone Being Me

    Thats hilarious. Last time I gave away two prizes and I won one giveaways for 3 used books which didn't come in until about 3 weeks ago. This time I won 4 giveaways. Next time I probably won't win any. The random number generator is fincky and needs lots of love and attention.

  • Elizabeth

    Man, I never win ANYTHING! :-) lol.

    Way to go on the double winnings!

  • Playful Professional

    You've got to enter the giveaways where people ask family members to pick a number. For some reason I'm much luckier with those than, but you're right I got really lucky this time. I think it's really because I wasted an entire week entering giveaways and deserved something for my effort.

  • Amanda

    I was tempted to spend a whole week entering contests, really tempted. But I didn't. This summer, though, if there's another carnival, I'm on it.

    Great tip for entering contests where a family member picks a number. I've not seen any of those yet...

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