Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Free Books

I was picking through the Works for Me Wednesday list at Rocks in my Dryer, and Becky at The Fun Blog posted her access to free Christian fiction books.

Apparently, one can sign up at no charge to be a reader/reviewer for the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance, and will receive free Christian fiction books once a month in the mail. When you read the book, you can either review it or post an interview with the author on your blog. You also have the option of posting a pre-prepared statement about the book, if that better suits your needs. (For example, you really want to say something nice about the book, but just can't.)

From what I understand, the only books reviewed in this alliance are books that are either on their way to the publisher, or have just been published. I believe there's a good chance that if a book has made it that far, it would be worth looking over -- particularly at no cost.


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