Friday, February 1, 2008

And the winner is...

...Lucky number 81: Playful Professional, who says she's always "want[ed] to buy the yummy chocolate covered strawberries on display at the mall." Well, friend, now's your chance! I'm e-mailing you for your address, and will ship your gateway to chocolaty goodness via USPS First Class Mail as soon as you reply. (Imagine bells and whistles and confetti being tossed about in the air.)

In the meantime, everyone reading this should check out her blog. She has a really great girl's get-together idea (here) that I will most certainly endorse, though I wouldn't personally participate in (because you who I know in real life who read the general nonsense located in this corner of the WWW -- you people are too skinny! Maybe I should give you gift cards for chocolate.).

Congratulations to you, Playful Professional, and thanks to all who played along! I loved reading your comments, and James (the numbers man) enjoyed tracking your visits on Stat Counter -- even if it was only for half a second! :) Come back anytime!


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