Monday, February 4, 2008

Not So Superbowl Sunday

Bub is normally as active as they come. His inner spring is often wound up tight, and he goes non-stop quite alot. Saturday, though, was very suspicious.

We woke up early (since my kids don't really get the concept of sleeping in), and as a family, decided to spend our morning picking through some goodies at the Habitat for Humanity store nearby. We ate breakfast, but Bub wasn't very hungry. We left for the store, and Bub was very still and very quiet in the car, instead of participating in his normal brand of automotive sibling annoyance. We browsed around the store with him behaving in a completely calm and obedient manner, so we complimented his behavior and asked if he felt well. "Yeah," he said, and we continued on.

We came home midday, where I worked on some homework, while James napped watched basketball. (The Aggies won, by the way. Whoop, or whatever.) Bub remained very still, and very calm. I felt his head, but it wasn't warm. He still said his ear and throat hurt only a little, but really that he was fine. As day moved into night, all of the quiet made me feel truly concerned that Bub was indeed getting sick, so I e-mailed a friend whose birthday party we were scheduled to attend to warn that we may be staying home. Bub went to bed and straight to sleep very early and on his own.

Sunday morning, though, he seemed better. His energy and appetite seemed to have returned when he asked for two peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast. As he began eating, I e-mailed the party-giving friend to let her know that I must have been too premature in my potential cancellation and that we would definately attend. But only half of one sandwich was eaten, the calm came back, and James and I again worried that we'd been too quick in calling things well. We waited a little while more, and when he began to complain more about his throat and his ear, I took his temperature to find it at 102.7.

With a feverish Bub sick at home, we missed the birthday party, a Superbowl Party, and the semester opening of our new community group, but we spent some quiet and calm quality time with the children. We missed 99% of the Superbowl when we opted to watch The Game Plan instead (a movie I picked up with my free RedBox rental code), but we had a fun family movie day and saw a movie that we all really enjoyed. (The movie ended a few minutes before the Superbowl ended, so James got to watch that crazy comeback, and felt like that was probably all he needed.) Bub got some much needed rest, and Gracie and I spent time making a Valentines mailbox for her upcoming class party. Then today, she took the bus by herself to school, bravely choosing that instead of my offer for a ride.

It seems that our not so Superbowl Sunday turned out to be pretty super after all...


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