Friday, May 2, 2008

Colorado, Day One

Finally, right? I've been busy updating blog layouts, and James has been breathing down my neck to post about Colorado. I keep reminding him he was there -- he knows what we did. He is unmoved, and so I'm posting.

Sorry for the delay.

First, I should say regardless of the situation or the reason for travel, it is very difficult to take a weekend trip smack dab in the middle of finals. Thursday night I did not sleep at all, as I had assignments to complete with Sunday due dates before finals began on Monday. I worked through the night on those assignments, submitting my last one at 5:30 A.M. before waking the kids at 6:00. I packed and readied myself as they got ready for school, then we loaded up and left for the airport when they boarded the school bus at 7:00 A.M. (Note: emergency contacts were on call for them were something to have gone wrong at school, and arrangements were made for their pickup and their weekend.)

Our travel to Colorado was fine, though a little cramped on an oversold flight, but the roomy Cadillac Escalade waiting for us in Denver made up for the lack of leg room on the airplane. (Thank goodness for free rentals!) We checked into the hotel and headed out for some sights.

Despite visiting a few places, Friday was a lazy, low-key day without much going on. We walked slowly, talked long, and made time to disconnect from life.

Up next, Day Two...

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater

Coors Brewing Company in Golden, CO.

16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver


  • tshavlik

    You have a nice blog! I would like to personalize our site in a similar way, but I don't have the know how yet. I'll have to get some tips later.


  • Randi

    Those are all such familiar sights! Looks like you had a good getaway ... I'm glad you could make it happen.

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