Wednesday, May 7, 2008

At least they're thinking ahead...

James is a stereotypical male when it comes to gift giving. More than once, he's been out on Christmas Eve frantically gathering gifts to label with my name. Christmas Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, my birthday -- it's all the same. He may have an idea of what he wants to buy for months, but rarely does he go out and do it before the hands of the clock forcibly shove him out the door.

In light of Mother's Day, James has been conspiring with the kids (so at least they're thinking ahead). This morning, he shared some conversations he had with Gracie:

About the Time

J: "Hey Gracie, Mother's Day is Sunday. We need to get something for your mom."

G: "When should we go do that?"

J: (Moving on after not hearing her question) "Do you have any ideas?"

G: "What, about the time?"


J: "Gracie, we have to get mom something for Mother's Day..."

G: "I know, we can tell her we're going to a Texas Rangers game to get her a T-Shirt, and then we can go somewhere else. We have to trick her."


  • Randi

    I love that!

    Sounds like and Phil and James are of the same mindset ... they should hook up to do Christmas Eve shopping this year. :) Phil tells me he loves the last minute shopping and says it really gets him in the Christmas spirit - but we all know it's just procrastination. It used to really bug me but now I'm just resigned to it. There are times though, that planning ahead could get me a better gift. :)

  • taralynn819

    Just so it's not: "Gracie! We've got 5 more minutes left of Mother's Day to get your mom something! What should we get her?"

    Hey, my hubs has never given me flowers. Ever. Not really sure why, but I think it's funny more than anything else. I usually forget to water the thing, anyway. :)

  • Randi

    Oops, excuse my extra "and". :)

  • Amanda

    Randi -- It's total procrastination. Some day, he'll bring home something from the gas station. I just know it. Is it really the thought that counts? Really?

  • Emily

    ha at least he is talking about getting you a gift. I honestly do not think that Allan hasa clue that Mother's Day is on Sunday. Are you sure that you do not want a Rangers T-Shirt for your gift- that would be a surprising gift no doubt.

  • Amanda

    Haha, Emily. It would be surprising in the sense that I hate baseball.

    As for the knowing, James didn't know Mother's Day was coming until I mentioned on Saturday that I was taking my mom out on her day off this week.

  • Karen

    Pat saw the Mother's Day cards I bought for my mom & his mom and told me I should have picked one out for myself too!
    The thought does count for something especially when it is followed up with some action.

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