Monday, May 12, 2008

A Happy Mother's Day, Indeed

Last year was miserable, this year was not. In fact, Mother's Day weekend this year was quite lovely all around. James commented several times that he'd just been stumped -- he'd wracked his brain just trying to figure out what to do for me. I think he feared letting me down, but all of his plans this weekend were so wonderful, and I am extraordinarily blessed.

On Saturday, we stopped at a few garage sales on our way to a morning tee time. James and I played a round of golf with Bub while Gracie looked at turtles in ponds and "kept score." I haven't played in several months, but after after warming up over the first two or three holes, I was able to hold my own and we had a very lovely game. It was an odd experience, as I felt simultaneously proud and humiliated when my seven-year-old drove the ball as far as I did. After golf, we had a quick lunch, browsed at a bookstore, and saw a movie at a local theatre that offers childcare in-house (because nothing says "Mother's Day" like handing your kids off).

After muffins for breakfast and the receiving of gifts, Sunday morning was spent in a debate. We debated back and forth about going to church because we just weren't sure if there would be some sort of stealth baby dedication. Since neither of us feel quite prepared to sit through one just yet, we labored over the decision of going or not going. We knew a dedication was planned for later in the month, but still, sometimes people surprise you. We decided to go, but only because we were scheduled to serve as front door greeters. Once we were there, though, we were so glad we went. There was no surprise baby parade, and when the pastor and his wife prayed over mothers, they prayed over women who had lost children as well. Though I was grateful, I was quite surprised and asked James in a whispered voice if he thought someone looked in on my blog. (Eek!)

And if it isn't just like God to not take a day off, I was extremely convicted by points in the message. The current series title is "Rich and Famous," and Brandon is preaching about the gifts we have, our influence, etc. I left there feeling as rotten as ever -- in the best possible way -- with many point encouraging me to personal change. The thing that got me the most was his mention of how we "pine and whine away at someone else's advantage," which is what I do here near constantly. In fact, since Thursday I've been thinking about how I could fashion a post about the disagreeable circumstances of my sister-in-law's pregnancy and all the ways her expectation wrongs me, but let me just skip all that and say, "Yes, I am a jerk."

Instead of parading that fact, let me tell you that I am quite advantaged. I have a wonderful husband who is thoughtful and generous. I have two beautiful children on Earth who love me despite my weaknesses. I have four children in Heaven who continue to impact me, drawing to the surface my very best and very worst parts. Our family is healthy and secure. We have all that we need, and much of what we want. I am deeply appreciative for these and the numerous other blessings in my life.

So after church, we had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, picked up desserts at Central Market, and came home where I spent a good part of the afternoon watching movies in my bed or chatting on the phone while James entertained the kids and did yard work. Happy Mother's Day to me.


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