Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Regarding My Nostrils

Remember this guy?

Babbit the Blue Rabbit will be Orlando-bound come Friday morning. Well, technically it will be morning, though we'll be on the road to the airport long before the Friday sun makes an appearance. Stay tuned to see what sort of shenanigans he'll be a part of.

Speaking of the trip to Orlando, we leave for the airport in about thirty hours, and I'm losing the battle to a brand new head cold. Instead of spending the late night tonight and much of tomorrow preparing to go, I'll be in the bathroom with a Neti Pot shoved up my nostril. Good stuff.

In lieu of actual vacation productiveness today (which would have been so helpful with regard to said head cold), I spent the day planting flowers from the Wal-Mart clearance rack, repainting a bed frame, posting my old washer and a bunch of other stuff on Freecycle, and trying to coordinate my already full schedule with Freecyclers... because all of those things are so necessary two days before any vacation. Sheesh.

And in addition to all of that nonsense, I stopped by a resale shop where I bought a couch primarily because the pattern matched a couch I already own. Then I hauled it thirty miles across the Metroplex half hanging out of my CR-V. It was marked down twice and on special sale beyond that, so in the end I spent $15.00. How could I say no? Look, they're twinkies. It's like it was meant to be.

Then, in the midst of today's goofing around, I saw a news story on the topic of childhood obesity and how it may be leveling off. That's great news, but it reminded me of something I saw in Wal-Mart last week. Seriously, who in the world puts a hamburger on a frisbee? Doesn't that brand of subliminal messaging sort of defeat the purpose? I'm just saying...

And on that note, I'm off to fill my sinuses with salt water. Have a swell evening!


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