Monday, May 5, 2008

Strike It Out

Happy Mommy wants to know how to STRIKE out a word using HTML tags, and that question has a very easy answer. When posting in Blogger, I find it's better to post straight onto the "Edit HTML" field. It's just as easy as posting in the "Compose" mode (see tabs just above your text field when posting), except when you post in the "Edit HTML" mode, you don't get all the erroneous code that drops in and messes up your spacing.

So, in my opinion, that's step one of STRIKING through something -- post on the "Edit HTML" page.

Step two is to surround the word to be stricken with the HTML code "S" (short for strike). Be sure to both open and close the S command. I don't know how to type HTML code without it working, but to open a tag at the beginning of the intended word (or phrase), you use this < then an "S" (without quotes), then close the command with this >. Immediately after the word (or phrase), the command has to be closed to function. Again, use this < then a backslash / then the letter "S" (without quotes) and close with this >.

(It's harder to read when all typed out like that. It's much easier to do than I just made it seem. There's a website (here) that makes what I said much more understandable, while also showing how to italicize the stricken word.)

To underline something, replace the "S" with a "U."
To italicize something, replace the "S" with an "I."
To make something bold, replace the "S" with a "B."
There are many more commands to implement, but these are commonly used.


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