Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Smoke 'em if you've got 'em...

I ran across this website called Marc Vidal that sells small French toys and candies to be resold in shops. I wish I had a shop just to sell this stuff! Clicking through the options, I laughed at the translated sales pitch for these chocolate cigarettes -- "The children love imitating the big persons..." I laughed because that sort of pitch around here would mean a certain (and understandable) boycott.


  • Michele

    I so remember those candy cigs (well we didn't have the chocolate ones - ours were more like chalky sugar sticks). I loved to pretend I was smoking. What was my mother thinking letting me have those??

  • taralynn819

    They need to come up with more efficient and beneficial products for satiating a child's desire to imitate "big people". How about toy income tax kits, shopping list templets, or toilet scrubbers?

  • Karen

    Haha! I remember those candy cigs too. Now all they have are candy lipstick & ring pops - don't they know lipstick & rings are not meant to be eaten?!

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