Friday, May 23, 2008

Miracles in Metal

James got home late Wednesday night, and while we planned to hook up the new washer and dryer then, my mom (who was in Oklahoma) asked that we wait until she got back to Texas. She said she really wanted to help with the installation and even said something to the effect of, "I'll stick around to wash the clothes."

At that, what was one more day of appliances in the garage, really?

A very small sacrifice to make a mom (or two) happy, in my opinion.

My mom is employed by Home Depot as an Appliance Specialist and has been after me to upgrade my machines for years. "They'll change your life," she'd say, as I rolled my eyes. "They're like a miracle in metal," she'd proclaim, as I sighed heavier than a thirteen-year-old. She nearly considered postponing her trip to Tulsa when I called to tell her that I'd finally, after all these years, made her wildest laundry dreams come true.

On Thursday, Mom finished her day in Oklahoma at the OB-GYN office with my sister-in-law, hopped in the car, and raced south towards the Red River. She was delayed slightly by the highway construction that's been conveniently ongoing for the last four years -- the construction that just happens to force drivers to creep by last Oklahoma casino before leaving the state. She got here about 7 P.M., scarfed down some dinner I'd made, and made a beeline for the front loaders.

As we hauled in the new and hauled out the old, she giggled with excitement. For her, it was better than Christmas. I thought maybe I was imagining things, but when I mentioned I wanted to turn the dryer vent hose a quarter-turn to move the machine two inches closer to the wall, she hopped on top of it and dangled head first behind while I held onto her leg. That sort of request would normally elicit the eye-rolling and heavy-sighing on her part.

Clearly she wasn't thinking straight.

And I have proof.

I'll want to remember how lovely they were
when the day comes that I break them.

Better than Prime Time: fresh watermelon and a new washing machine.

With the exception of one towel and a few T-shirts,
this huge basket holds one load.

This posting about the new washer -- it's a sickness.
I'm deeply distrubed.


  • Michele

    too funny!!! your mom is a riot :)

  • Amy

    That is just about the funniest picture I have ever seen. Thanks for the laugh. Hope your appliances bring years (or weeks... or days) of happiness to your life.

  • Troy & Tara Livesay Family

    just found your blog .. so sorry about your loss. (es)

  • Emily

    what a funny post and the pictures make it even better. your description of your mom's excitement over the washer and dryer crack me up.

  • Jenny James

    You mom is a nut! That's so funny she'd insist on you waiting to install until she arrived. And with the price of gas... it must really meant a lot to her to be there for such a big occasion.
    Enjoy the new appliances. I'm very envious. I like to visit the front loaders at the store and just kind of sigh. It seems with your many tries with various machines you are very much deserving a good set. Wash away, my friend!

  • Randi

    Your mom is so funny ... I'm glad she got to be there for the installation! :) Keep us posted on the miracle in metal ... I think your days of hating laundry are over.

  • Elizabeth

    wow....they are so...pretty. kind of makes me want to wash clothes. kind of. :-)

    your mom totally cracks me up. what joy she found in hooking things up. heh.

  • Someone Being Me

    Girl, if I had that washer and dryer I would be shouting it from the rooftops. After I finished snuggling with it and hand feeding it grapes. Sigh.

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